Fundraising Opportunities

The Owatonna Marching Band's Commitment is to make the summer marching experience as affordable as possible.  We have several different fundraising oportunities that take place in the spring and summer.  The more motivated our young people are, the more they can earn to help offset costs.


Kwik Trip Car Wash Fundraiser

The band is going to participate in the "Car Wash Fundraiser."  It's a great way to raise money.  The program allows your individuals to purchase  5-count ULTIMATE Car Wash cards for $20 a card. The band will sell the cards for $36 each. That is a $16 profit per card!   

The Ultimate Car Wash includes:  Undercarriage Flush, Presoak, High-Pressure Wash or Soft Foam Wash, Triple Shine Vehicle Enhancer/Cleaner, Spot-Free Rinse and 95-Second Super Dry.  (Car wash amenities vary slightly by location.)

Please make checks for the Kwik Trip cards out to the Music Boosters of Owatonna.